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Coherent interaction of optical radiation beams with optical-electronic materials of generalized crystal symmetry

Image Number 3 for United States Patent #6407831.

A method for optimizing the interaction of a resonant material having generalized crystal symmetry with a beam or beams of radiation. The invention includes determining a special direction relative to the axes of crystal symmetry of the material and polarizing the interaction radiation beam along this direction. The polarized radiation beam is propagated through the material perpendicular to this special direction. The method and system are used in any application which involves the coherent interaction of optical radiation beams or fields with resonant ion-doped or molecular crystals of various types. Coherent interaction of optical radiation beams or fields with resonant ion-doped or molecular crystals of various types includes the phenomena of optical coherent transients, spectral hole burning, and spatial-spectral holography (also called time and space domain holography) and provides the basis for optical-electronic devices. Such applications include computer and communications networks.

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