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Object assembly device for assembling rolling objects

Image Number 7 for United States Patent #6405894.

A object assembly device automatically assembles a collection of rolling objects of identical size and shape. The assembly device includes a collection hopper having an inlet for receiving rolling objects, and an outlet below the inlet for discharging rolling objects. An object assembler is rotatably mounted within the hopper between the inlet and the outlet. The assembler defines a single-line travel channel having an entrance end and an exit end, and a width sufficient to accommodate no more than a single line of rolling objects moving downstream in succession from the entrance end of the travel channel to the exit end. Objects entering the travel channel from the inlet of the hopper are discharged through the outlet of the hopper in an assembled single-line condition. A drive shaft is provided for rotating the object assembler relative to the collection hopper to avoid obstructing accumulation of rolling objects at the entrance end of the travel channel.

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