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Rotating label system and method

Image Number 6 for United States Patent #6402872.

A system and method are disclosed for constructing a rotatable label and attaching the rotatable label to a container. The rotatable label may have a transparent portion and is temporarily secured to a container or an inner label that is permanently secured to the container via a temporary adhesive disposed on a leading edge of the rotatable label's back surface. Permanent adhesive is disposed on the trailing edge of the rotatable label's back surface. The rotatable label is then wrapped around the container so that the trailing edge of the rotatable label's back surface comes in contact with the rotatable label's front surface. The rotatable label is then rotated with respect to the inner label or container, thereby breaking the temporary bond formed by the temporary adhesive between the rotatable label and inner label or container. Alternatively, temporary adhesive may be disposed on the trailing edge of the rotatable label's back surface to allow the rotatable label to be easily removed from the container.

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