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Film back exchangeable camera and exchangeable film back

Image Number 3 for United States Patent #6402396.

A film back exchangeable camera has a camera body and a film back that can be attached to and detached from the camera body. The camera includes: an aperture formed in the film back, through which photographing light flux passes; a film supplying mechanism that moves a film along a film running surface defined at a rear of the aperture; a shielding member, which is built in the film back and located movably in front of the film running surface and which is movable between a shielding state where a film is not exposed to light and a light transmissible state where the light is transmissible to the film to expose the film; a shielding member driving mechanism that moves the shielding member from the shielding state to the light transmissible state; a forward/reverse rotation motor; and a motor linking switch mechanism by which the forward/reverse rotation motor is switchingly linked with either one of the film supplying mechanism and the shielding member driving mechanism according to a forward rotation and a reverse rotation of the forward/reverse rotation motor. The film supply is executed by the forward rotation of the forward/reverse rotation motor, and the shielding member is moved from the shielding state to the light transmissible state by the reverse rotation of the forward/reverse rotation motor.

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