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Undulating support structure bridge

Image Number 6 for United States Patent #6401285.

A bridge comprising a set of bases, a deck, an undulating support structure having above-the-deck arch sections and below-the-deck sections and being supported by the set of bases at the below the deck sections. The bridge also includes at least two arrays of load-bearing connectors extending from the above-the-deck arch sections to the deck and supporting substantially the entire weight of the deck. A preferred embodiment of the bridge comprises a deck, a wishbone arch section, including a single topmost middle portion branching transversely into two support legs on either longitudinal side of the topmost middle portion and a set of connectors extending from the wishbone arch to the deck and supporting the deck. The bridge generally includes a deck, an arch and an array of load-bearing connectors extending downwardly and longitudinally inwardly from the arch to the deck and supporting the deck in tension.

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