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20-HETE antagonists and agonists

Image Number 13 for United States Patent #6395781.

20-HETE agonists and antagonists are disclosed along with therapeutic applications. In a preferable form of the invention, the 20-HETE agonists are selected from the group consisting of 21-hydroxyheneicosa-5(Z),8(Z),11(Z),14(Z)-tetraenoic acid, 20-hydroxyeicosa-5(Z),14(Z)-dienoic acid and 20-,21-dimethyl 20-HETE. Preferable 20-HETE antagonists include 5(S)-HETE, 15(S)-HETE, 19(S)-HETE, 19-hydroxynonadeca-5(Z),8(Z),11(Z),14(Z)-tetraenoic acid and 20-hydroxyeicosa 6(Z),15(Z)-dienoic acid.

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