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Light-emitting device and support pillar assembly

Image Number 3 for United States Patent #6394625.

The invention relates to a combination of a light-emitting tubular device (25) and a support pillar (15) for retaining and electrically connecting the device, the light emitting device comprising a translucent outer sheath comprising braided filaments (8) and a light emitter (2) arranged within the tubular hollow body (1), the combination comprising retaining hooks (20, 36, 41) for retaining the device in the pillar, and power connectors (19, 26, 38, 43) for connecting the device and the pillar and providing power to the light emitter. The invention also relates to a light emitting device and a pillar for mounting the device with purposes of delimiting pedestrians walking areas, performing towing functions, rescuing activities, signaling.

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