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Multi-level game board apparatus

Image Number 6 for United States Patent #6382627.

A multi-level game board apparatus has a plurality of transparent, planar game boards each having a plurality of marker seats arranged in a pattern for receiving game markers, and a plurality of support shaft assemblies extending at spaced intervals through the peripheral edges of the game boards to secure the game boards together and hold them apart at a predetermined vertical spacing during game play. The apparatus is movable between an upright, deployed position in which each support shaft assembly is in a vertically extended position holding the game boards apart, and a collapsed, storage position in which each support shaft assembly is collapsed downwardly between each adjacent pair of boards to allow the boards to move closer together into a more compact, storage configuration. A locking device releasably secures the boards together in the collapsed, storage position. A biasing device biases each support shaft assembly into the vertically extended position so that the boards are automatically moved into the vertically spaced, deployed position on release of the locking device.

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