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Multiple-point automatic focusing camera

Image Number 19 for United States Patent #6377753.

In a multiple-point automatic focusing camera of this invention, when a focal point is detected to a focal point detecting region in the center of a shot screen by an AP sensor and a main control circuit, a LED having a narrow light distribution angle is used as a supplemental light source. On the other hand, upon detecting the focal point in a focal point detecting region in the periphery of the shot screen, a stroboscope light source having a wide light distribution angle is used as the supplemental light source. As a result, the focal point can be detected in any focal point detecting region even at the time of a low luminance. At this time, the stroboscope light source may be originally equipped for illumination at the time of photographing. Further, the LED may be of small size having a narrow light distribution angle. Thus, the size of the supplemental light source can be suppressed.

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