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Process for producing amorphous magnetically soft body

Image Number 6 for United States Patent #6368423.

The invention improves the thermal conductivity of the material powder to be fired and also makes it possible to produce an amorphous magnetically soft body within a shortened period of time. The amorphous magnetically soft body is produced by preforming the material powder into a body first, and heating the preformed body without pressing. Stated more specifically, an amorphous magnetically soft body is produced from a material powder comprising a powder of an amorphous magnetically soft alloy, a glass having a softening point lower than the crystallization starting temperature of the alloy and a binding resin, by pressing the material powder in a preforming die to prepare a preformed body by the binding property of the resin, and firing the preformed body without pressing at a temperature higher than the softening point of the glass and lower than the crystallization starting temperature of the alloy to join the particles of the alloy with the glass.

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