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Loose leaf binder including an exterior picture frame

Image Number 2 for United States Patent #6368005.

A three ring binder includes a spine, front cover and back cover, each of which includes a substantially solid base plate and an outer plastic shell. The spine and front cover each includes a rectangular picture frame, the outer edges of which are aligned with and welded to the bottom and side edges of the spine and cover. A clear plastic membrane is secured to the frame's interior covering the opening in the picture frame. The frame top edges are spaced inwardly and free of the shell to form insert pockets. Display inserts are slidably mounted within the insert pockets defined by the frames. The spine insert includes an upper folded edge, and includes an outer pin head. Pulling upwardly on the pin head withdraws the insert. Mount-mats of a semi-solid paper are provided in the pockets to receive thin, flexible paper for insertion into the frame pockets. The inserted mat holds the display material with the insert pocket. The frame may be of thin flexible opaque plastic sheet material less than 0.020 inch thick.

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