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Projectile impact location determination system and method

Image Number 3 for United States Patent #6367800.

An impact location determination system (20) includes a damage resistant strike plate (22) having a planar surface (26) adapted to be impacted by a projectile (28). Pressure sensor assemblies (55) are embedded in the strike plate (22) and detect a pressure disturbance event outwardly propagating as a wave (36) from an impact location (34). The wave (36) propagates through the strike plate (22) at a propagation velocity that is slower than the speed of sound for the strike plate (22). A signal processing circuit (32) measures time difference of arrival figures (196 and 198) between pairs of pressure sensors (140 and 142) and determines the impact location (34) in response to the time difference of arrival figures (196 and 198) and the velocity of the wave (36) through the strike plate (22).

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