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Reduction of noise in memory integrated circuits with dedicate power supply bus and ground bus for sense amplifiers

Image Number 4 for United States Patent #6366513.

A memory integrated circuit (100) includes a core cell array (102) having a plurality of core cells for storing data in one of a plurality of states, a plurality of power supply buses (140, 142, 144, 146) including a sensing power supply bus (144) and a sensing ground bus (146) dedicated to sensing states of core cells. The integrated circuit firther includes a sense threshold generating circuit (126) which generates a sense threshold signal in response to a power supply potential on the sensing power supply bus and a ground potential of the sensing ground bus. The integrated circuit still further includes a plurality of sense amplifiers (108) which detect the states of core cells in relation to the sense threshold signal. The sense amplifiers are coupled to the sensing power supply bus and the sensing ground bus so that substantially all power supply noise at the plurality of sense amplifiers and the sense threshold generator is common node noise.

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