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Propylene/ethylene random copolymer, molding material, and molded article

Image Number 3 for United States Patent #6365689.

The present invention provides propylene/ethylene random copolymers characterized in that:an ethylene content (Ew) is 0.1-10 wt %,a relationship between an isolated ethylene content (E.sub.1) and the ethylene content (Ew) is represented by the following equation2,1- and 1,3-propylene units present in a polymer chain are 0-1 mol %,a weight average molecular weight (Mw) is in the range of 40,000-1,000,000, anda ratio (Mw/Mn) of the weight average molecular weight (Mw) to a number average molecular weight(Mn) is in the range of 1.5-3.8.The copolymers are suitable for a base resin for a molding material for the production of a wide variety of molded articles which are high in randomness and excellent in stiffness, heat resistance and transparency.

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