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Locking cap for replaceable needle assembly

Image Number 5 for United States Patent #6364859.

A syringe with replaceable needle assembly (10), having a syringe barrel (18) with a proximal end (14), a distal end (16), and an outer surface (87). The syringe barrel (18) surrounds an internal bore (20). A plunger assembly (60) is inserted into the syringe barrel internal bore (20). A needle assembly (80) has a sealing portion (72), which is configured to be removably insertable into the internal bore (20). The sealing portion (72) forms a fluid-tight seal with the internal bore (20). The needle assembly (80) further includes a releasable locking mechanism (79), which includes a collar (76) having a locking flange (86). Also disclosed is a replaceable needle assembly (80), which releasably locks onto the outer surface (87) of the proximal end (14) of a syringe barrel (18). The replaceable needle assembly (80) includes a collar (76), having a locking flange (86), which engages the outer surface (87) of the syringe barrel (18), and releasably locks the replaceable needle assembly (80) onto the syringe barrel (18).

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