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Mobile electronic equipment with liquid crystal display

Image Number 2 for United States Patent #6353465.

Mobile electronic equipment has a frame portion 8 which is formed in such a manner that the midsection of a side thereof is located at the longest distance from the surface of the liquid crystal display. Since the arched configuration can suppress deformation of the enclosure in comparison with the linear configuration as seen in arched structure of bridges, even when external pressure is applied onto the liquid crystal cover panel 2 or the enclosure cover 3, the enclosure cover 3, especially the midsection of the frame portion on that side resists deformation, and even when the frame portion of the enclosure cover or the liquid crystal display cover panel 2 comes in contact with the liquid crystal display due to deformation, a load applied onto the liquid crystal display upon contact may be reduced and cracks in the liquid crystal display may be prevented.

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