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Bead wire winding device and winding method

Image Number 3 for United States Patent #6352602.

A bead wire winding device is provided with a winding guide(s) (3) which is rotated with a molding support body (1), and which approachingly and retreatingly displaces with respect to each side portion of the molding support body (1). A bead wire (W) is supplied to a wire seating portion (11) of the winding guide (3) within a space defined by each winding guide (3) which is in an approached state with respect to a respective side surface of the molding support body (1), and in an enlarged diameter state. The winding guide (3) is constituted by a plurality of radially displacing members (9), which can be enlargingly and reducingly displaced in a radial direction, connected to a boss portion (7) through link members (8). Each of the radially displacing members (9) has a protrusion that forms a wire seating portion (11). A clamping claw (13) is provided on at least one of the radially displacing members (9), and is urged constantly in a closing direction and pinches a tip portion of the bead wire (W).

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