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Rimfire cartridge and production process therefor

Image Number 4 for United States Patent #6352033.

The invention relates to a boundary light cartridge and a method for producing the same having a cartridge case (2) with a fitted projectile, a propelling charge powder arranged inside the cartridge case (2), and an ignition assembly for the propelling charge power, whereby the cartridge case (2) has a circumferential radial indentation (10) on the base (3) thereof in which the ignition assembly is arranged. In ignition assemblies which lack harmful substances, the invention provides that the base (3) of the cartridge case is pressed inward at least in partial areas in order to guarantee a complete and uniform reaction during short ignition times of an ignition assembly. As a result, the opening (13) of the indentation (10) is reduced in size toward the interior of the cartridge case (2).

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