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Portable indicating and protective structure for underground utilities

Image Number 4 for United States Patent #6347600.

A portable indicating and protective structure for underground utilities is provided. The portable structure is designed to be erected about a utility located at ground level on a construction site, to permit construction workers to avoid inadvertent damage to such a utility. Such damage occurs when the utility is impacted by construction machinery, delivery trucks, and other vehicles on the construction site. The portable structure is a protective barrier which would enclose or encircle the utility. The sidewall elements may be secured in place by stakes or the like. The sidewall may be cylindrical, rectangular, or some other geometric configuration. The top portion and the lower portion would be open to permit access to the utility. Two poles will be affixed proximal the sidewall and will extend vertically several times the height of the sidewall. These pole elements may secure the sidewall in place by passing vertically through a plurality of ring elements which are connected to the sidewall. A brightly colored banner will be located intermediate the two poles, a first side of the banner being connected to the first pole, a second side of the banner being connected to the second pole. The banner may include identifying indicia, indicating the nature of the utility located there below. Such a structure would clearly indicate the location of the utility and deter accidental damage to the utility.

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