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Method and apparatus for immobilizing solder spheres

Image Number 5 for United States Patent #6345718.

A containing device and method to hold and immobilize solder spheres during storage and transport including a container portion having an open top terminal end and an opposing closed bottom terminal end with at least one side wall connecting each terminal end, a removably attachable lid to seal the container portion and a lid insert for insertion into the container portion to immobilize solder spheres contained therein. In one embodiment, the lid insert is comprised of compressible material, such as a polymeric foam, whereby insertion of the lid insert into the container portion causes compression of the lid insert substantially adjacent to the side wall of the container portion, a bottom planar surface of the lid and an uppermost surface layer of solder spheres to completely fill any open or dead space within the containing device. The lid insert forms a mechanical seal which immobilizes the solder spheres until the lid insert is removed from the containing device.

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