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System and method for the distribution of automotive services

Image Number 4 for United States Patent #6339736.

A system for the distribution of services, includes a computer device within a vehicle, a vehicle monitoring system coupled to the computer device, a communication system coupled to the computer device for outputting a signal with vehicle monitoring system data, and a remote service center computer device for receiving a signal with vehicle monitoring system data. The method of distributing vehicle maintenance services includes monitoring, by a sensor, a maintenance parameter of the vehicle, communicating the service parameter to a controller, the controller triggering a communications device, sending, by the communications device, a message to a service center, and dispatching, by the service center, a service vehicle based on receiving the signal. In another method, a method of providing service to a vehicle, includes subscribing, by a vehicle owner, to a service, performing the service based on one of an as-needed basis and automatically at any of a home of the vehicle owner, an office of the vehicle owner, and a location specified by the vehicle owner, and billing the vehicle owner for the service rendered to the vehicle.

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