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Wire and cable cutting and stripping apparatus using endless belt conveyors

Image Number 19 for United States Patent #6336267.

An apparatus for processing wire to cut the wire into sections and to expose section wire ends, the wire having an inner core and sheathing about the core, the apparatus including structure for displacing the wire axially endwise comprising multiple blade structures, including at least two of the structures that move adjacent one another as the two structure move relatively oppositely toward and away from the axis in directions generally normal to the axis; each of the two structures having first and second cutting edges; the cutting edges configured such that, when the two the structures are moved relatively longitudinally in a primary mode, two of the cutting edges cut through the wire, and when the two structures are moved relatively longitudinally in a second mode, the remaining two of the cutting edges cut into the wire sheathing to enable stripping of the sheathing of the wire.

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