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Sub-caliber projectile for low impulse cartridges

Image Number 12 for United States Patent #6324983.

A sub-caliber projectile cartridge for automatic weapons includes a case, a piston, a forward cavity/an inner bore in the piston, a sub-caliber projectile, and a link. The sub-caliber projectile is seated into the forward cavity/inner bore located in the forward portion of the piston. Gas passages permit propellant gases to bleed into the cavity behind the sub-caliber projectile and to accelerate the sub-caliber projectile upon firing. The case and piston are assembled and telescopically secured by means of a crimp or another similar feature, to allow relative movement therebetween during chambering and firing. The link may be allowed to move for some portion of the required relative travel between the link and the base of the case. A shoulder on the piston provides a stop through which reaction loads are transmitted to the rear of the barrel during chambering and firing. The piston telescopes over the case during chambering to provide the relative movement between the link and the case base required for weapon function. Upon firing, the expanding propellant gases force the case and piston to telescope open. Propellant gases are also used to expel the sub-caliber projectile. Reaction loads are applied to the rear of the barrel through the shoulder, and at the same time are applied to the bolt, driving it rearward to cycle the weapon. The cartridge can be used in automatic weapon systems including but not limited to the 40mm MK19 Grenade Machinegun.

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