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Photosensitive input peripheral device in a personal computer-based video gaming platform

Image Number 10 for United States Patent #6323838.

An interactive video computer system with a light sensitive peripheral device having a photosensitive transducer operating in conjunction with a personal computer platform. The gun or pen-shaped light-sensitive device is connected to a peripheral adapter coupled between the computer and a video monitor. The peripheral adapter captures the horizontal and vertical synchronization signals from the video adapter card in the computer and sends them to the light sensitive peripheral device so that processing circuitry therein can generate a peripheral position signal indicative of the position of the field of view of the photosensitive transducer relative to the screen. The light sensitive peripheral device also has means for transmitting the peripheral position signal to the computer means for further processing. This allows a light gun or pen to be used with a conventional personal computer without having to modify the computer with additional circuit boards and operating system changes.

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