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Method of diagnosing of exposure to toxic agents by measuring distinct pattern in the levels of expression of specific genes

Image Number 11 for United States Patent #6316197.

A method of diagnosing exposure to a toxic agent comprising the steps of detecting the amount of protein/gene expression present in a sample of mammalian tissue or mammalian body fluids that has not been exposed to a toxic agent. Then the amount of protein/gene expression present in a sample of mammalian tissue or mammalian body fluids that has been exposed to the toxic agent is detected. A determination of the difference in the detected amount of protein/gene expression between the exposed and unexposed samples is made. A comparison of the difference to a library of expected protein/gene expression for predetermined toxic agents is made. Finally, an evaluation is made whether the difference indicates the exposure to a particular toxic agent. A treatment method for administering a therapeutic agent which inhibits the mechanistic pathways necessary to maintain the progression of lethal shock is also disclosed.

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