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Self-contained flexible aerodynamic cutting element with matching head

Image Number 10 for United States Patent #6314848.

A vegetation cutter, a cutting string for use with a vegetation cutter, and a method of cutting vegetation, are provided which utilize a novel cutting string arrangement in which a twist and living hinge are provided in a cutting string having a drag co-efficient of less than 1.0, typically with a first long axis and a second short axis, the second axis less than 85% of the first axis. The twist is provided between the free end of the string and where the string is mounted to the head, or where two twists are provided in the string, the string is mounted to the head at a central portion between the twists. The string may be mounted to the head by grooves or slots and/or clamping mechanisms, or a wide variety of other components. The cutting string may have a wide variety of cross-sectional configurations (both symmetrical, such as elliptical, or non-symmetrical, such as substantially tear drop). The twist is typically between about, most desirably about

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