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Method and apparatus for noninvasive determination of peripheral arterial lumenal area

Image Number 11 for United States Patent #6309359.

An occlusive cuff is placed around a limb (e.g. an arm) of a patient. A fluid, such as air, is pumped into the cuff, and the pressure in the cuff is measured. The pressure variation in the cuff with respect to time is caused by the pump and expansion/contraction of the arm caused by blood being pumped therethrough by the patient's heart. This variation in pressure is used to calculate systolic and diastolic pressure, artery lumen area compliance and artery volume compliance, artery lumen area, and the blood flow rate through the patient's arteries (e.g. the brachial artery for the case of the patient's arm, or the femoral artery or the case of the patient's leg).

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