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Method of assembling roof decking to an underlying substrate

Image Number 3 for United States Patent #6305065.

A method of assembling roof decking to an underlying substrate comprises the steps of providing a pin having a shank portion and a head portion having a predetermined diametrical extent, and a washer, having a central aperture, disposed upon the shank portion of the pin such that the washer has a diametrical extent which is substantially the same as that of the pin head so as to cooperate therewith in guiding the pin when the pin is axially driven through a drive bore of a fastener-driving tool. The inner periphery of the washer central aperture is also provided with a plurality of concave pin-engaging surfaces which are angularly spaced from each other so as to encompass less than one-half of a complete cylinder, but not less than one-third of a complete cylinder, so as to limit potential damage to the shank portion of the pin when the washer is moved axially along the shank portion of the pin as the pin is driven into the substrate by the fastener-driving tool in order to secure the roof decking to the underlying substrate.

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