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Rotary liquid diverter for industrial parts washer

Image Number 5 for United States Patent #6302123.

A parts washing system comprises a wash liquid holding tank having a return opening, a rinse liquid holding tank also having a return opening, a wash chamber with drain port situated above both the wash liquid holding tank and the rinse liquid holding tank, a parts carrier movable from a loading position outside the wash chamber to a position inside the wash chamber, a nozzle adapted to direct liquid from one of the holding tanks into the wash chamber, at least one pump for transferring wash liquid and rinse liquid from the wash liquid holding tank and the rinse liquid holding tank to the spray nozzle, and a substantially L-shaped liquid diverter. The L-shaped liquid diverter is rotatably mounted at the drain port of the wash chamber for rotation in a substantially vertical plane. The L-shaped liquid diverter has an outlet end for dispensing liquid from the wash chamber to one of the wash liquid holding tank and the rinse liquid holding tank.

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