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Method of fabricating thermoelectric sensor and thermoelectric sensor device

Image Number 11 for United States Patent #6300554.

A thermoelectric sensor device is disclosed consisting of polysilicon, titanium or AlSiCu as the thermocouple of material for thermoelectric sensor device. The features of the present process are: Selecting a material such as aluminum, titanium, aluminum alloy or titanium alloy with lower thermal conductivity coefficient as thermocouple element line and making use of zigzag structure with thermocouple element line, and increasing the length of thermocouple element line. Employing front side Si bulk etching technique to etch the silicon substrate, which is under the device and empty of silicon substrate, so as to reduce the superficial measure of thermoelectric sensor module and increase the throughout of the silicon wafer. Simultaneously, fabricating a resistor to treat as a heater on the membrane for adjusting the device.

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