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Process for carrying out chemical reactions using a microlaminar mixer

Image Number 5 for United States Patent #6299657.

In the reaction process, at least two educts A, B are divided by a system, assigned to each of them, of slit-like microchannels 1a, 1b into spatially separate fluid lamellae, which then emerge into a common mixing and reaction space 4. The fluid lamellae here have a thickness <1,000 .mu.m, preferably <100 .mu.m, at a width thickness ratio of at least 10. It is essential here that educts A, B can emerge as thin fluid lamellae 6a, 6b into the mixing/reaction space 4, each fluid lamella 6a of an educt A being led into the mixing/reaction space 4 in the immediate vicinity of a fluid lamella 6b of another educt B. The adjacent fluid lamellae 6a, 6b then subsequently mix by diffusion and/or turbulence. As a result, the mixing operation is accelerated substantially compared with conventional reactors. In the case of rapid chemical reactions, the formation of undesirable by-products or secondary products is largely prevented in this manner.

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