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Chip for a ball point pen

Image Number 4 for United States Patent #6299375.

The present invention's purpose is to provide a high quality chip for a ball-pointed pen in which air bubbles are not left in the centrifugal separating processing when the refill is manufactured. There is provided a chip for a ball-pointed pen in which a transfer ball held in a ball house at the extremity end in a holder is biased from a rear part by a resilient member, wherein the resilient member is received at its rear end by a plurality of small projections integrally arranged in a circumferential direction at an inner circumferential surface of the metallic holder, thereby when deaeration is performed in the centrifugal separating processing at the manufacturing stage of refill, some air bubbles within the holder are passed between the plurality of small projections and moved smoothly in a rearward direction.

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