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Image display device having shift commands and automatic scroll process

Image Number 18 for United States Patent #6297836.

Various commands and data are input to an image display device via an input block. Part or whole of basic image data formed of a dot matrix is stored in a basic image data storage device of the image display device. A portion of the basic image data in a display range is converted to display image data to display the display image data on the display screen, in response to a corresponding one of the various commands input by the input. From the input block, there are input a start command for starting an automatic scroll process for automatically continuously shifting the display range in a scrolling manner in a predetermined one of upward, downward, leftward and rightward directions on the basic image data, and a display range shift command for shifting, at a time point before a start of the automatic scroll process or during the automatic scroll process, the display range set at the time point, selectively in the upward, downward, leftward and rightward directions. When the start command is input, the automatic scroll is started, and when the display range shift command is inputs the display image data is changed whereby resulting display image data is displayed on the display screen.

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