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Method of identifying geographical location using hierarchical grid address that includes a predefined alpha code

Image Number 17 for United States Patent #6295502.

A system and method for automatically providing services over a computer network, such as the Internet, for users in a mobile environment based on their geographic location. A client computer system is equipped with a local storage device, a wireless transceiver, an input device, in output device and an automatic location identifying (ALI) device. An application program is installed on the client computer system that prompts the user to input information. The application program builds a data packet comprising location information and user information and stores the data packet on the local client storage device. The client computer system connects with a server coupled to a computer network, such as the Internet. Upon connection, the client automatically transmits the electronic data packet to the server. The primary server maintains a database that contains a list of enhanced services. The information in the data packet is used to formulate a database query. The result of the database query is an address of a particular enhanced server that matches the client's request. A specific universal resource locator (URL) that contains the address of the enhanced server is transmitted to the client. The client computer system launches a web browser and connects to the enhanced server. Upon connection relevant data customized for the client's location is automatically displayed without additional input from the user.

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