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Method and assembly for playing a variation of the game of baccarat

Image Number 5 for United States Patent #6293864.

A method and assembly designed to play a variation of the game baccarat wherein one of a plurality of players, designated the banker, has the option of making a bonus wager in addition to a primary wager, wherein the bonus wager provides the banker/player the possibility of participating in a bonus payout in the event the total number count of each of at least two consecutive hands equals a predetermined number count. Typically the predetermined number count will be nine in that nine is the best possible hand in a conventional baccarat game. The total number count of nine of the banker's hands can be either a natural nine or a broken nine and still qualify for participation in the bonus payout, which can increase either randomly or in accordance with a pre-set schedule or rate of increase, set by the house or casino in the event that more than two consecutive banker's hands each have a total number count equal to the predetermined number count.

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