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Structure of radar system with multi-receiver channel

Image Number 17 for United States Patent #6292129.

A radar apparatus is provided which includes a transmitter, a receiver, and a signal processor. The transmitter produces a transmit signal which is so modulated in frequency as to change with time cyclically and transmits the transmit signal as a radar wave. The receiver selectively establishes communication with one of receiving antennas and changes the communications with the receiving antennas in sequence in a cycle shorter than a cycle of a change in the frequency of the transmit signal to supply a series of signal components of input signals produced by the receiving antennas. The receiver mixes the series of signal components with a local signal having the same frequency as that of the transmit signal to produce a beat signal. The signal processor samples the beat signal to analyze frequency components thereof to determine the distance to, relative speed and azimuth of a target. These arrangements result in simplicity of the whole structure of the radar apparatus, thereby allowing radar information about the target to be obtained accurately by the compact structure.

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