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Locally folded split level bitline wiring

Image Number 6 for United States Patent #6291335.

A method for fabricating a semiconductor memory with a split level folded bitline structure consisting of three contact levels, in accordance with the present invention includes forming gate structures for transistors in an array region and a support region of a substrate. First contacts are formed down to diffusion regions between the gate structures in the array region. The first contacts have a height which is substantially the same for all first contacts in the array region. Second contacts are formed between first level bitlines in the array region and a first portion of the first contacts, while forming second contacts to a first metal layer from the gate structures and diffusion regions in the support region. Third contacts are formed between second level bitlines in the array region and a second portion of the first contacts, while forming third contacts to a second metal layer from the first metal layer in the support region.

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