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Handrail attachments for beds

Image Number 4 for United States Patent #6289539.

A handrail attachment for beds comprises an upstanding side member connected to a base member adapted to fit under a bed mattress. The side member is in the form of an inverted U-shaped tubular member with cross-members mounted between the depending arms of the U-shaped tubular member. The end of one depending arm has a pivot pin mounted therein to permit the handrail to be swung away from the bed in open position, and the other end has a slidable rod mounted therein. The base member has upstanding end portions, one of which receives the pivot pin, and the other of which receives the slidable rod which locks the upstanding side member to the base member. The base member has elongated U-shaped support members mounted at either end thereof to extend under the bed mattress and be fastened to the opposite bed rail. A slidable rod with a series of spaced holes serves as an adjustable leg to support the handrail in open position. A removable plate is attached to the handrail to provide a support for items such as a telephone or TV remote control.

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