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Bracket for retaining computer components within a housing

Image Number 4 for United States Patent #6285547.

A bracket for retaining a component within a housing, where that bracket includes a front face; a first rear flange that is configured and arranged to be affixed to the housing; a second rear flange that is also configured and arranged to be affixed to the housing; a first bridging section for connecting the first rear flange to the front face; and a second bridging section for connecting the second rear flange to the front face. In addition, at least one of the first rear flange and the second rear flange is configured and arranged to maintain at least a portion of the component being retained a slight distance away from the housing. The present bracket provides a way for simply and economically installing a component, such as a fan, within a housing without requiring that the fan be directly riveted or screwed to the housing, which can cause damage to the component's cord due to the contact between the cord and the housing wall.

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