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Full motion two seat interactive simulator

Image Number 18 for United States Patent #6283757.

Full motion interactive simulator for use by two or more persons that can play a simulation game running on a display screen, where each player can alternate controlling the pitch and roll of a motion base platform supporting a vehicle on which the players sit. A joystick mounted in front of each player can be moved forward, backward, side-to-side, and in 360 degree circles to cause the platform to pitch and roll along any angle. The joystick can have separate buttons for firing weapons at targets on the display screen, controlling the position of images on the screen and answering questions by the system such as yes, and no to certain questions. Each player can have a set of foot pedals in front of their seats, where a left pedal can cause the screen image to rotate to the left, and the right pedal can cause the screen image to rotate to the right. The active player on the joystick controls both pedals at one time. A collective lever can be positioned between the players, where pulling up the lever causes an upward altitude on the display image and pushing the lever down causes the display image to move downward. The vehicle can be an a helicopter, an airplane, a jet, an automobile, a motorcycle, a truck, a military tank, a speedboat, a submarine and a jetski.

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