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Variable baud rate demodulator

Image Number 5 for United States Patent #6282248.

A method of efficiently demodulating and isolating a signal within a fixed possibly wider band spectral region, having any of a wide range of baud rates. The signal is sampled at a fixed, first frequency which remains fixed no matter what the baud rate. Thus, the sample rate does not necessarily correspond to the desired baud rate. The sampled signal is then demodulated and low pass filtered to create baseband samples at the first frequency, which are then subject to user-specified arbitrary rate change in a continuously variable interpolator/decimator (continuously variable digital delay (CVDD) device), and decimated by a programmable power of 2, to produce samples at a second frequency. The second frequency is preferably determined to be a whole number multiple of the desired baud rate, e.g., twice the desired baud rate. The samples are equalized to produce output symbols at the target baud rate. Based on this method, a demodulator can receive signals of varying bandwidth and baud rates at arbitrary spectral locations within a possibly wider bandwidth aggregate channel span, and can adapt its target baud rate for each signal to be the actual baud rate of the derived incoming data signal within the possibly wider bandwidth aggregate channel span.

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