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Game having multiple game activities

Image Number 16 for United States Patent #6279909.

A game kit (20) includes a game playing surface (22) marked with a plurality of indicia (42), (44), (46), (48), and (50). The game kit also includes a plurality of markers (26a-26d) for positioning on indicia of the playing surface. A first deck of cards (24a) including a plurality of cards (56) is also included. Each card bearing instructions (64) for a player to carry out an activity. The activity instructions of the cards in the first deck each being associated with a first core or cluster of human competencies selected from the group of factual knowledge competencies, audio/video performance competencies, two and/or three-dimensional graphic competencies, and spelling/vocabulary competencies. The plurality of cards contained in the first deck including at least a first subset of cards directed to a first activity type associated with the first core or cluster of competency(s) and a second subset of cards directed to a second activity type, distinct from the first activity type, associated with the first core or cluster of competency(s). The game also includes a second deck of cards having a plurality of cards bearing instructions for a player to carry out an activity. The second deck of cards contains cards directed to activities associated with a second core or cluster of human competency(s) different at least in part from the first core or cluster of competencies associated with the first deck. Performance of the activities on the cards of the first and second decks determining advancement of a player's marker on the game playing surface.

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