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Creping adhesive containing an admixture of PAE resins

Image Number 3 for United States Patent #6277242.

A creping adhesive for applying to a creping surface in the process for dry creping tissue and or towel paper is disclosed. The adhesive comprises a blend of at least two water-soluble cationic polyamide-epihalohydrin (PAE) resins. The first PAE resin has a mole ratio of epihalohydrin to secondary amine groups of the polyamine ranging from about 0.5:1.0 to about 1.8:1.0; and the second PAE resin has a mole ratio of epihalohydrin to secondary amine groups of the polyamine less than 0.5:1.0. The weight percent of the solids in the admixture or blend in an aqueous solution ranges from about 40% to about 0.01% solids, wherein the solids in this admixture are comprised of from about 0.1% to about 50.0% by weight of the first PAE resin and from about 99.9% to about 50.0% by weight of the second PAE resin. Varying the percentages of the two PAE resins in the creping adhesive can produce desired levels of adhesion and water resistance for given grades of tissue and/or towel paper products.

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