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Sorting magazine for the supply of loose small parts

Image Number 4 for United States Patent #6276564.

The sorting magazine serves for the supply of loose small parts (1) such as rivets, eyes, press fasteners and so forth. It includes a trough-shaped storage container (2) which has a front wall (3) and a magazine base plate (4), with a filling opening (5) for the small parts (1) and, in the base plate (4), an aperture (8) which adjoins an inclined bottom wall (9). The small parts can be guided by way of the aperture int ark adjoining rotary magazine comprising a drum-like rotary member (6) which is mounted rotatably about a substantially horizontal axis (7) and which serves for separating and orienting the small parts (1) for further processing thereof by machine. In order conveniently to provide for complete emptying, the magazine base plate (4) has a plate section (12) which is formed with the walls (3, 9) delimiting the storage container (2) to form a unit. That unit is movable from a closed operative position into an open position permitting the removal of all small parts, and vice-versa. It is preferably pivotable.

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