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Method and warp knitting machine for the production of knitted fabric having a freely selectable pattern repeat

Image Number 10 for United States Patent #6276174.

A method for the production of a knitted material and a warp knitting machine for realizing the method is being described by which longitudinal conveyors are driven in such a manner so that the longitudinal conveyors are driven at least partially intermittently and/or continuously with at least at times varying speeds so that the weft threads are being guided into the area of the knitting needles according to a pattern and at arbitrary points in time and one after the other in arbitrarily desired numbers which will result in an indefinitely long and freely selectable weft thread pattern repeat. According to a further aspect of the invention an arrangement is being described in which the arrangement includes a warp knitting machine having a separate frame. On the frame, that is, independent from the warp knitting machine there is arranged a weft thread insertion system having a servo motor drive including an associated weft carriage and a weft carriage guide, weft thread off-set rakes having their own servo motor drive and longitudinal conveyors with their drive as well as a longitudinal conveyor frame. The drive for the longitudinal conveyors, however, is obtained independently from the machine drive but is computer controlled so that the longitudinal conveyors execute a movement, at least between individual weft threads, at least partially intermittently and/or continuously with at least at times varying speeds.

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