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Position sensing device

Image Number 3 for United States Patent #6275026.

A device (10) for sensing a predetermined relative position of first and second parts (12 and 18) which are movable relative to each other includes a magnet (92) which creates a magnetic field and a pivotal lever (100) which has first and second opposite surfaces (104 and 106). The lever (100) has a first position in the magnetic field wherein the first surface (104) has a first magnetic polarity and the second surface (106) has a magnetic polarity opposite the first magnetic polarity. The lever (100) has a second position in the magnetic field when the first and second parts (12 and 18) are in the predetermined relative position. The first and second surfaces (104 and 106) move away from the magnet (92) as the lever (100) pivots from the first position to the second position. The first magnetic polarity of the first surface (104) switches to an opposite second magnetic polarity when the lever (100) is in the second position, and the second surface (106) switches to a magnetic polarity opposite the second magnetic polarity when the lever (100) is in the second position. The device (10) also includes a Hall effect device (90) which responds to the change in magnetic polarity from the first magnetic polarity to the second magnetic polarity.

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