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Method for interfacing a pilot with the aerodynamic state of the surfaces of an aircraft and body interface to carry out this method

Image Number 3 for United States Patent #6273371.

Method, apparatus and sensors for directly interfacing a pilot (1) with the aerodynamic state of the surfaces of an aircraft, in particular allowing the direct sensorization of the conditions of the aerodynamic surfaces during the flight. The pilot (1) wears one or several "data suits" (2), for example on the arm, on the trunk, on the face or on the hands. The information on the boundary layer state is detected by a plurality of sensors (3) located on the different aerodynamic surfaces. A body interface (4) comprising a console (5), a multi-channel conditioning unit (6) and a processor (7) for the data acquisition are connected to the data suit (2). The data suit uses tactile sensations to transmit to the pilot, data responsive to critical airflow conditions at the sensors (3). In an aircraft with many aerodynamic surfaces the pilot can detect directly any arising critical condition. The array of sensors (3) can, be arranged on different aerodynamic surfaces and in different areas of a same aerodynamic surface. Therefore, the data suit (2) has tactile sensations actuators sorted in groups so that each group corresponds to a different surface.

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