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Joint structure for shoulder of synthetic-resin-made doll

Image Number 5 for United States Patent #6267640.

A joint structure for shoulders of a doll made of synthetic resin includes a first joint segment provided at an upper arm portion of an arm member; a control segment, supported pivotably by the first joint segment, controlling a range of rotation of the first joint segment, a second joint segment provided integrally with the control segment, rotating in a vertical direction when the arm member is further lifted upwards from the point in which a protruded segment of the first joint segment engages with a stopper portion of the control segment; and a third joint segment supported pivotably by the second joint segment, being supported pivotably by a breast portion of a body so that it can rotate together with said second joint segment in a horizontal direction, so that movement of a shoulder can be related closely to movement of human shoulder (natural and real movement) still more.

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