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Reciprocating saw attachment for electric drill

Image Number 2 for United States Patent #6264211.

A universal, quick connect, reciprocating saw attachment for electric drills is disclosed, designed as an adapter that converts a power rotary drill into a reciprocating saw. The present invention converts the rotary action of a drill into the necessary reciprocating action to power a saw blade. The present invention adapts to the housing of various cordless drills and provides for a connection of a steel shank to the drill chuck. A gear box with a reciprocating mechanism inside the housing then provides a coupling to a saw blade to provided the necessary cutting action of a conventional reciprocating saw. Additionally, there are buttons that are designed to expand in and out to tighten the chuck which holds the adapter. The housing is made of a heavy duty impact resistant plastic with the associated gears and reciprocating mechanism made from hardened steel. Coupled with a cordless drill, and a saw blade, the present invention provides for the functions of two, usually separate, power tools in the convenience of one.

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