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Latent fingerprint lifting and recordation device

Image Number 3 for United States Patent #6260885.

A latent fingerprint lifting and recordation device of the type which provides a permanent and official fingerprint document. The device includes a flexible transparent latent fingerprint lifting sheet having one adhesive surface thereof and a flat opaque flexible frame having an open central area and being substantially similar in size and shape to that of, and adhered in generally coextensive fashion on one surface thereof against the fingerprint lifting sheet. A majority of the adhesive surface is exposable and unattached over said open central area for lifting a latent fingerprint. A flat protective cover is positioned against, and similar in size and shape to, that of the frame and releasably adhered against the adhesive surface through the open central area. When the transparent fingerprint lifting sheet, with the frame adhesively attached thereto, are removed from the cover, an imaged latent fingerprint may be lifted and recorded on the adhesive surface, the latent fingerprint thereafter protectively sandwiched for viewing through the transparent sheet when the cover is adhesively reattached to the adhesive surface to form a permanent fingerprint document.

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